Sergei Dragunov AKA ‘The White Angel of Death’  has arrived. Dragunov's Tekken 8 trailer has been released. Though Dragunov has already been revealed for Tekken 8, this trailer provides our first extensive look at his gameplay. "The White Angel of Death," as he's become known by, first made his debut in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection alongside Lili. Since then, Dragunov has returned as a playable fighter for every mainline Tekken entry. Dragunov has always been interesting character but why?

The old Soviet Union had a long and proud tradition of fighters, war heroes and genuine, old fashioned, tough guys. After the collapse of the Union and the rise of the independent Soviet States Fedor carved his own legacy. Fedor studied under the school of SAMBO. SAMBO was an art that began in the ‘20s by the army to improve the hand-to-hand combat of the soldiers. SAMBO was an acronym for SAMooborona Bez Oruzhiya, or “self-defense without weapons” The military application of Sambo made practitioners very dangerous. Crippling holds, bone breaking strikes and peak conditioning were the things that soldiers relied on to keep them alive when being in the field. The more dangerous combat elements, things like neck locks and certain strikes, were taken away to develop the Sport of Sambo.By 1940 Russian states had developed more or less a foundation for professional MMA competition, they had even tried to get it to be considered as an Olympic event. Years later NAMCO introduced a character by the name of Sergei Dragunov. By presenting Dragunov in a military uniform NAMCO wanted the audience to know that dragunov used Combat Sambo and not sports Sambo as his main method. This was key. By presenting Dragunov in a military uniform NAMCO wanted audiences to know that drag used Combat Sambo and not Sport SAMBO.


Drag was built to kill. Drags new design is very street wear x militaristic inspired. One designer that comes to mind is raf simons when I look at drags TEKKEN 8 design. Theres other brands such as stone island, haider ackermann, CDG, and many many others that have been inspired by mil surplus. Riot Riot by Raf in particular however stands out in my mind the most. After the iron curtain fell in Eastern Europe there was different class expectations. The adoption of oversized silhouettes became popular amongst the youth as well as the practice of repurposing military uniforms. After the demilitarization of Easter Europe military uniforms became a lot more affordable. The riot riot collection is one of rafs most coveted collections.

Considering that Dragunov has a dislike specifically for Raven and Master Raven, it should come as no surprise that he has some sort of history with Victor Chevalier. Like with many other rivalries, the two appear to have a special intro when facing off against one another.

"Long time no see, White Angel of Death," says Victor to Dragunov. Being that Dragunov dislikes speaking, he doesn't appear to say anything in response.

True to his alias, Dragunov's attacks appear to be particularly deadly as many of his attacks often cause bone snapping sounds. Dragunov is a Spetsnaz soldier that opponents can't afford to take lightly.